Our Team in Milpitas, CA
Veterinarian holding a dog and cat

Our Team in Milpitas

Our veterinarians in Milpitas are a dedicated bunch, supported by an equally committed staff. We're proud to serve this community and look forward to getting to know you! Meet our team on this page, or better yet, stop in and see us soon!

Satwinder Bajwa DVM with a dog

Dr. Satwinder Bajwa, DVM, MVSc

Dr. Bajwa has been working as a veterinarian since 2009 in the Bay area of California. He earned his master’s degree in Animal Reproduction in India in 2005 and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree here in the States after completing a one-year clinical program at Oklahoma State University. Formerly, Dr. Bajwa worked as a veterinarian in Vancouver City in Canada before moving to California to become an associate veterinarian at our hospital. His areas of interest include internal medicine, critical medicine, and surgery. He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. Bajwa and his wife, Jaspreet, have two daughters named Keerat and Mona and a son, Fateh. They are also proud owners of three dogs: a Chihuahua named Rocket, a Doberman Pinscher named Chloe, and a Toy Poodle named Gucci. The family loves to play and walk them in their free time. When Dr. Bajwa isn’t working, he enjoys listening to music and watching cricket.

Dima Tzoumas, Practice Manager

Dima came to Calaveras with 20 years of Veterinary Assistant experience. She loves to take care of animals and help them get better. She became the Manager here at Calaveras in 2020 and is still a practicing nurse.  She is dedicated to growing this practice and making sure everyone is always taken care of, both her patients and her staff. In her spare time she enjoys spending watching movies with her husband, 2 daughters and son. She has a 9 year old chinchilla named Chuchu a chihuahua/jack russel mix named Lucy and a Shih tzu/ maltese named Winnie.

Dima the practice manager with a small black dog

Luna Girard, Lead Receptionist

Coming from a retail background Luna wanted to venture out and try something new. As an animal lover & eager learner she was thrilled to join our team. Recently loosing her dog Scrumptious made her realize how amazing it feels to work in an industry where not only do we medically help animals, but also caring & understanding the owners needs & feelings.

Angela Wong, Receptionist

Angela joined Calaveras Veterinary Clinic in 2020 and has grown up in Milpitas her whole life. She has owned many animals such as rabbits, turtles, and her current dog, Cookie. As an animal lover, she is always excited to see pets when coming to work. Angela is looking to persue a science major in college and in her free time loves spending time with her dog and loved ones.

Nicole the receptionist holding a striped grey kitten

Nicole Alle, Receptionist

Nicole Alle is an incredible individual. She joined Calaveras Veterinary Clinic in 2021 and has a deep love for animals. After experiencing the loss of her childhood pet cat, she found solace in her work at the clinic, helping others and making the grieving process a little easier. Nicole is currently pursuing a degree in Business Human Resources and has aspirations of starting her own business. In her free time, she enjoys going to the gym, horse riding, and exploring her passion for photography and modeling. Nicole's diverse range of interests showcases her talent and ambition.

Tracy, Receptionist / Assistant

With a career interest in healthcare, Tracy decided to focus in veterinary medicine after her family dog, Cotton, inspired her. He showed her that pets are companions who can help you through physical and emotional hardships. To protect our companions and help spread the joy and happiness they share with us, Tracy has dedicated her life to helping animals just like how they have helped her.

In her pre-veterinarian endeavor, Tracy has earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Animal Science from UC Davis and gained a wide variety of animal experiences including the care of cats, dogs, rabbits, rodents, reptiles, birds, several farm animals, and fish. She has spent thousands of hours researching genetic modification in fish and studying animal behavior to benefit medicine and animal welfare.

Currently, she has been working to gain valuable veterinary experience in preparation for veterinary school and her career committed to lifelong learning and serving our companions. To help guide her in her journey, she has her Australian Shepherd puppy named Clover.

Tracy the receptionist / assistant with an Australian Shepherd puppy
Leny Gutierrez with a cat

Leny Gutierrez, Veterinary Assistant

Leny has always been an animal lover since she was a child. She first started to work at a doggy daycare a few years ago where she was trained to understand dog behavior and how to work and understand them better. She started to work at Calaveras almost five years ago.

She spends free time with her spunky cat, Nova, older cat, Jack, and her dog, Penny. Nova pretty much keeps her very busy since she loves waking her up in the morning with her loud noises and her uncanny ability to knock things to the floor. Nova also loves breaking the TV and sitting in front of her monitor while Leny plays her video games, which causes her to lose competitions. Leny is known as the cat lover at the clinic.

Fiona, Veterinary Assistant

Fiona was born and raised in the Bay Area and joined our team in 2022. She graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor's in Animal Science and is planning on going to vet school in the future. With her family, she has a dog named Choco, and 7 cats named Tiger (pictured), Moew, Muffin, Mochi, Mimi, Fafa, and Yoshi. In her free time, Fiona loves reading, baking, and meeting up with her friends.

Fiona the veterinarian technician holding a striped brown cat
Guadalupe the Kennel Assistant holding a chihuahua

Guadalupe, Veterinary Assistant

Guadalupe Joined Calaveras in August of 2021 as a Kennel Assistant. She has a love for animals, and shows her passion and drive for the job. She trained over the months and  became a Veterinary Assistant and loves taking care of animals.  She continues to learn and strives here at Calaveras. She has 3 pets, 1 dog named Pippy, and 2 cats, Cow and Bella.