Cat Hospital in Milpitas, CA
Cat relaxing at our cat hospital

Welcome to Your Cat Hospital in Milpitas

Calaveras Veterinary Clinic has made a commitment to cats and their care by becoming a certified Cat Friendly Practice. What this means is that we take your cat’s specific care and considerations in mind to provide a stress-free, calming environment for them (and you, too!). Cats can come to our Milpitas cat hospital to receive gentle care in a calming environment. Call us today at (408) 262-7200 to schedule an appointment.

Cat in the window at our cat hospital

Taking the Stress Out of Vet Visits for Cats

Veterinary care should never be out of reach due to anxiety, fear, or stress! Cats are special creatures that require different handling, a different environment, and different medical care. As a cat hospital, we take extra steps to ensure cats have all of their needs met.

As a Cat Friendly Practice, some of the things we do to make cats more comfortable include:

  • Having a separate entrance and lobby for cats, so they don’t have to come into contact with dogs at all.
  • Pheromone plug-ins to emit calming scents that put cats at ease.
  • Scratching posts in the rooms to keep them occupied and help them relax
  • Gentle handling and patience by staff to allow cats to get used to their surroundings and us, too!

Advice on Getting Your Cat to Us

Part of our commitment as a Cat Friendly Practice involves alleviating the stress before your cat gets here. We know that cats often don’t love their carriers so the stress begins at home and along the journey. Luckily, we have tips on how to make your way to the cat hospital easier:

  • Leave your cat’s carrier out a few days or a week before your appointment to help your cat become familiar with it. You can leave their favorite toys in there, fill it with soft blankets, spray pheromones in it, or even hide a few treats in there to help your cat get comfortable.
  • Place your cat’s favorite toys or even a treat or two in the carrier to encourage them to go inside.
  • Fill it with soft blankets and use a pheromone spray to make the carrier into a safe, comfortable and cozy space that your cat can enjoy.
  • If your cat is still anxious about the carrier or car ride, we can give them a gentle oral sedative to alleviate their anxiety and help them stay calm.
Cat laying down at our cat hospital

Learn More About Your Cat Hospital

You can explore what it takes to become a Cat Friendly Practice here, and feel free to ask us about our methods and procedures for creating a welcoming environment for our feline friends!